Our services deal in creating value with data. No matter if the task is an entirely new solution, or better application of the one which you already have.

Consultancy and preliminary analyses

No solution is better than the technical platform on which it is built. An no solution creates value, if limits and opportunities in source systems, management systems and registration framework are not integrated.

We offer client specific preliminary analyses, which are adapted to your needs. With our base of experience, we can quickly assess whether the project requires a comprehensive analysis or if you should focus your attention on selected sub-sets, to make sure that the project rests on a solid foundation.

Consequently, a preliminary analysis can be everything from a few hours of assistance to a comprehensive analysis, where the product is a project charter for development, release, operation and maintenance of a new solution. Smaller analyses often focus on optimisation or upgrading of solutions, Master Data Management, user management and security modelling, frontend tools, adoption-programs etc.

Tender advisory

A tender process must adhere to formal guidelines and concurrently provide the conditions for implementation of the correct solution for the organisation. In this process technical knowledge and experience from other projects is as critical as judicial competences. Otherwise a new solution may be put into operation with unnecessary risks in relation to the targets and the cost expectations of the business case.

Numeric’s architects and consultants have years of experience in identification of needs as well as technical tender advisory in relation to, amongst other things, national and governmental solutions. We are used to assist with everything from integrational design and technical offer evaluation to method-wise assistance in relation to the subsequent start-up of the project. We often participate as specialists, who fill the roles, which the organisation cannot or does not wish to fill is self.

Proof of Concept (PoC and spiking)

It must be clear for decision makers and end users if a new solution can meet the needs of the business. A PoC makes it possible to check if you are on the right track with a minor effort.

In a PoC we typically build a prototype, which focuses on the greatest uncertainties of the project. It can be data quality, user interfaces or new technology. Participants are usually the employees, who will be using the solution in their everyday work life or who are responsible for the business profit. The means are visualisation and hands on, which will bring forward obstacles and limits that might otherwise have been overlooked.

It the concern are specific technical solutions parts we often make use of Spiking. We do not build a prototype, but test only the specific solution components, which are new or for other reasons create risk or uncertainty within the project.

We have a lot of experience with PoC and Spiking, and we recommend it as tools to minimise risk and focus projects.


It is crucial that your solution is based on a generic and reliable architecture. It is equally important that the user interfaces match competences, culture and needs in your organisation. It is with this understanding, that we assist with designing and implementing Data Warehouse and user interfaces.

Our consultants have unique experience with Microsoft’s Bi and Analytics products and with TARGIT Decision Suite. We aim to combine professional knowledge with a creative approach, so that the solution prioritizes your needs and utilize our experience. Our delivery models and project managers take care for this and additionally attends to quality assurance, documentation and all the other elements, which constitute the foundation for a successful BI project.

BI is commercial IT with many participants and stakeholders. Our consultants have an eye for the culture and needs of your organisation. Our delivery model makes sure that needs and concerns are attended to.

Project and Program Management

Numeric’s project managers have many years of experience with agile methods of development and administrative project models. We are certified in SCRUM and Prince II, and our experience in the field will benefit you. We do not spend your money on unnecessary administration, but we also know where it is not possible to compromise. Our templates and project work spaces allow for an effective and quality assured everyday work life.

We place importance on that all projects are started on a solid foundation, and that the development takes place in close cooperation with both operation managers and the end users, which in the end will apply and be responsible for the solution. Regardless of if the model of development is SCRUM or not, we consider it our most distinguished duty to pass on the knowledge supplied by the project, so it can create value whilst the project is conducted. BI solutions are living systems, which constantly must be adapted to changes in the needs of the company, new source systems etc.

Service and support

Numeric’s service and support model is based on many years of experience. The model is flexible and scalable, and you are the one to prioritise.

We know that your contentment is dependable on us being able to give costumer specific service in a speedy manner. Hence, the employees who have been involved in building a solution are also accessible when it needs to be maintained and further developed. Furthermore, you are affiliated with a Delivery Manager, who will be responsible for the quality of the deliveries. Our services can entail support for the solution owners and end users as well as service for the operations department.

Our ticket system ensures that there is transparency about prioritisation and content of the cases. In our highest level of service, we guarantee that the case is commenced within an hour of us receiving it.


At Numeric courses are always adapted to the client. No matter the tool or the solution it creates more value that we can focus on that which is new for you, or that which has so far not succeeded.

Class teaching is especially provided on Microsoft’s BI and Analytics products, including Master Data Services and PowerBI, and on the various tool in TARGIT Decision Suite. We also offer an educational and knowledge sharing course for super users, which also aims to enhance the ability to survey, improve and target the business profit of the solution. Even though the courses are client specific, our prices are competitively priced.