Business Intelligence is a collective designation for tools, systems and methods, which enhance the ability of organisations to utilize the many data, which are daily generated. Business Intelligence is about creating value in the business with data, and that is our home turf.

Data Warehouse architecture and development

We do not only build a Data Warehouse for consolidation of data across source systems. We create a knowledge bank, which collects, cleans and enrich your data, so that they can create value in the business. We assist with designing, developing and maintaining your Data Warehouse. Data Warehousing is our core expertise.

Master Data Management

A Master Data Management solution collects, cleans, processes and presents master data across systems and widely in the organisation. Master Data Management is far too seldomly applied to optimize systems and processes, and to enhance understanding and work satisfaction amongst the employees. In many instances a small effort from us can substantially improve data quality across systems.

Hybrid Business Intelligence

BI tools are improved constantly and make it easy for even untrained users to construct advanced analyses from their own understanding of the business. Simultaneously, data of the businesses are often dispersed over both internal and external systems, on premise or in the cloud. That can be perceived as a treat, or as an opportunity. Regardless of the comprehension we can assist in relation to business challenges as well as the technical solutions, which must be determined and developed.

Advanced and predictive analytics

The need is not new, but new tools has made it vastly simpler to review advantages and opportunities. The potential is a new insight in your business and not least the opportunity for acting earlier and more specifically on new opportunities and challenges. We know the tools, and we know how to get started.

Frontend tools

Today there are several modern and more or less intuitive frontend tools in the market. The tools are more diverse than what is often firstly perceived. At the same time, the choice of tools is essential to adoption of the solution in the business. We have years of experience in implementing frontends tools in completely different cultures with different needs and skill sets.

Project and Program Management

Numeric’s project managers have many years of experience with agile methods of development and administrative project models. We are certified in SCRUM and Prince II and our experience in the field will benefit you. We do not spend your money on unnecessary administration, but we also know where it is not possible to compromise.

Upgrading and modernization

Do you doubt the suitability of your technical platform?  Are you sure your licensecost is justified and necessary? Do you know what has been added and changed in newer versions of your server software? No matter if we are talking servers or user interfaces, the progress is rapid. Performance is improved, and new opportunities added. An upgrade can be extremely simple or more complicated. Our experience and checklists ensure that we quickly can tell what is needed and what you gain from the effort.

User management and security modelling

The correct model of security and user management guarantees that users only gain access to data, which they are entitled to and have a need for. This ensures that both legislation is adhered to and that users are not overwhelmed by data, which they have no use for. Let us assist with constructing models for security and user management, which are both sturdy and simple to edit and document.

This increases the value of the solution and simultaneously creates the necessary peace of mind by adhering to legislative and internal demands.

Business Analysis

Some BI solutions still end up as unsuccessful IT projects because they do not supply value to the business. It does not have to be that way. The solution must acknowledge the culture of the organisation and include key figures and tools that meets the endusers needs. There is always learning to obtained in a BI project, but that learning can be of greater use, if it can be predicted and applied in a preliminary analysis.

Targit Decision Suite

Our most experienced consultants have more than 10 years of experience with TARGIT. We have participated in the transformation from innovative and intuitive user interface to the unique and complete tool suite, which TARGIT Decision Suite constitutes today. TARGIT covers everything from analysis and reporting or dashboards on the mobile phone to intuitive data exploring with TARGIT Data Discovery. You will be surprised what is possible.


"Microsoft Gold Certified Partner" is the highest level within Microsoft partners. As a Gold Certified Data Analytics Partner, we have access to Microsoft tools, support, and resources that non-certified companies do not have.

Being a Gold Partner is a "quality stamp" from Microsoft. It emphasizes that we have experience and technical skills in Data Analytics, and it proves that our consultants has a high level of technical certifications within data analytics.