Development and simplicity

Numeric is a IT solution house with focus on Microsoft based Business Intelligence solutions as well as Performance Management.

We make the everyday work life easier for the many people in the organisation who lack easy access to key figures or more detailed information.

We supply customer specific solutions, which assist the costumers in obtaining business advantages and optimisations. We apply the newest technology and apply standard components and productizing to minimise the costs.

Numeric provides all necessary services from design to implementation and adoption, as well as maintenance and support. We are widely recognized for being an impartial and loyal partner for all our customers.


We are creative

We believe that creativity can add the small twist that makes all the difference.

We are capable

We have unique technical insight and always use it for the benefit of the customer.

We are responsible

We are responsible and ready to lead the way when it is needed.

We are robust

We know that human power can make the difference when the project is faced with reality.

We are open

We meet others with respect and view diversity as a strength.

We are effective

We use our experience to create value for money in all processes.